Sunday, July 28, 2013

Message in a Bottle: Finding Glen Eddy's Pigments

Glen Eddy (1941-2006) was a prominent Western Thanka painter in the Tibetan tradition. He lived at Tsegyalgar  East from 1994-2000 when he retired to Tashigar Sur where he had built a house and studio.

For many years, he taught Thanka painting through the The Shang Shung Institute in the US at Tsegyalgar in what he referred to as THE GOLDEN VAJRA GUILD.

One day while cleaning the papermaking studio in the basement of the yellow schoolhouse last winter, I found a box of Glen's stone pigments from which he made his own paints. It reminded me of the days when we had many classes in Tibetan art at the yellow schoolhouse.

Currently, KPC is researching the availability of visiting instructors for developing some Tibetan art courses and Tibetan calligraphy. So stay tuned.......

[Photo of Glen by Ellen Pearlman, 2005 Tashigar Sur]

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