Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lotus Blossom Project

Khandroling Paper Cooperative is happy to announce a unique  project to support our participation in the 250th Anniversary of Conway, MA scheduled for the summer of 2017.  Conceived by Amanda Pollock, we will create an origami paper Lotus float as part of a performance by our Dzogchen Communtiy Khaita dancers during the anniversary parade. 

During last week’s Open Studio, we experimented with various origami Lotus templates brought to us by Brenda Lilly, an origami artist and resident of Conway, MA where Tsegyalgar East is located. Brenda is one of the founding members of Khandroling Paper Cooperative in 2012. 

Brenda (left) teaching us the folds 

Intense concentration as Sheryl (left) and Amanda (far right) 
work on perfecting the folds

It will now be possible to participate in karma yoga volunteer activity making paper Lotus blossoms as we will need thousands of them. As this project develops you will hear more about our unique fundraising plans to benefit the US Shang Shung Institute and, in particular, the needs of preserving the historic yellow schoolhouse which houses the Institute.

Last Saturday, we also made paper in the basement studio during our Open Studio. Sheryl brought some of her great horseradish pulp. Madeline experimented with her project to recycle analog magnetic tape containing dharma Teachings by incorporating it into the pulp when making paper. Previously we worked on creating Tibetan style amulets as a positive means of utilizing the magnet tape which can not be burned. More on this project as we continue to experiment until arriving at satisfactory results.

Madeline and Brenda getting ready to make paper

The next Open Studio will be on Saturday, January 16. 2016
for papermaking only


On Sunday, January 31, 2016 there will be a special printmaking session for Dzogchen Communtiy artists with Sheryl as we initiate our newly acquired  Kelton Etching Press by printing from carved wood blocks


In dreams
they come with out-stretched hands
the color of malachite

giving, magnetizing
palms formed by leaf and wind,
torrential waters--

As they pass to me the lotus bud
grown up from mud
its stainless bloom