Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Monday, December 5, 2016

Coming Soon - The 2016 International Swap Swatch

[Individual swatch pages in the process of assembly]

Once again Khandroling Paper Cooperative will participate in the International Swatch Swap which each year assembles swatch books to highlight hand made paper. Anywhere from 60-80 artists participate. In previous years we submitted our papers which  you can read about here:

Our 2012 Swatch Book 

Our 2013 Swatch Book

(We took a break in 2014/15) 

Along with our individual swatches, each papermaker submits two cover sheets which are then used to cover someone else's Swatch Book. KPC cover submission was made this summer during our annual papermaking fest on Lower Khandroling Farm.  You can visit the main Swatch Swap website here for lots of info about the process. The hosts for this year's swap are Barbara Landes and Helen Schneider from Madison, Wisconsin. 

[Still working]

[Finished and bound books]

Photos courtesy of the 2016 swatch team