Monday, August 12, 2013

Slide Show of Alchemy with Fibers August 10 Workshop

[Monique and Sheryl looking at sample papers made by Sheryl over the years]

It was a gorgeous day at Khandroling Farm as we convened to make paper in Sheryl Jaffe's Alchemy with Fibers Workshop. A marvel, considering that the day before there was a deluge when Nary Mitchell and I packed up his truck to transport equipment from  Conway to the farm in Buckland. Seven people showed up not counting Sheryl and me. Many Thanks to Nary for help especially for having the foresight to secure our E-Z up tent to withstand a few gusty winds.

Sheryl is an extraordinary teacher whose passion for papermaking provides a unique entre to the magic of papermaking. Her knowledge of papermaking is extensive and erudite.  She's made clothes from paper, musical instruments, and created many inventive uses as well as fine art prints. Last week she brought in a simple but elegant computer bag that she made with paper  processed to turn into crinkled cloth that she then dyed with Japanese persimmon juice. (Picture coming). We are always grateful when she shares her knowledge with us. So stay tuned for more workshops.

Speaking of "Alchemy" I came across this poem by Diane diPrima that reminded of the magic of making paper-
Extract the juice which is itself a Light.
Pulp,   manna,   gentle
                    Theriasin, ergot
like mold on flame, these red leaves
                    from mesquite by the side
of dry creekbed.         Extract
For more read on: Paracelsus: by Diane di Prima : The Poetry Foundation

Here's the slide show.......

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