Saturday, December 23, 2017

Season's Greetings from Khandroling Paper Cooperative

Dear Friends of Khandroling Paper Cooperative---Here's wishing you a bright holiday with good cheer. As a gift to you we are launching the - 

 FREE Drawing Webinar on Dec. 28 at Noon EST


Looking Into Your Heart To Release Stress & Pain 

Come join us for relaxed drawing class taught by Margherita Lotus Crystal during the holiday season as we introduce her new INSTANT DRAWING FOUR WEEK online course-- a fundraiser for the Dzogchen Community.

HERE is the link to access the webinar: 

Margherita Crystal Lotus is a long time member of the Dzogchen Community at Tsegyalgar East and a founding member of the paper cooperative. She has written extensively on crystals and their use for healing, numerous publications including her most recent, a novel called the Color Game  She is offering this introductory free webinar prior to her series on INSTANT DRAWING-- You can view some of her videos on You Tube Here: 

Margherita holds an advanced degree in Physics and has some unique knowledge to impart relating to the fibonacci spiral and other natural wonders she uses in her drawing accessible to everyone. No previous artistic training is required. 

FOLLOWING THIS FREE WEBINAR IS AN ONLINE COURSE ON INSTANT DRAWING BASICS with 50% ($25) of the regular $50 course fee going directly to the Dzogchen Community. The Webinar above on December 28 will give you more details about the Four Week Course. 

In order to sign up for the INSTANT DRAWING COURSE  go to the links below to have the reduced price!  

First is the payment page Cost $50 (where 50% goes back to Dzogchen Community!) After payment, go to the the sign-up page to get into the DZ Community membership to access the course.

2. Signup page: ​

Please contact me if you have any questions or difficulty. 

Jacqueline Gens  and all of us here at Tsegyalgar East Khandroling Paper Cooperative!

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