Monday, July 10, 2017

Khandroling Paper Cooperative Members Exhibit June 18-August 31, 2017

KPC Members exhibit of fine works on paper is now showing through August 31, 2017 during business hours in the back foyer gallery space of the Yellow Schoolhouse located at Tsegyalgar East, 18 Schoolhouse Road, Conway, MA. Many of the works are on sale to benefit the Dzogchen Community.

Amanda Pollock

1. Arya Sales Colophon.

Black Chinese powder ink and encre rose ink. Boji and hibiscus flower essences. Painted with peacock feather brushes. 

 President of the Wayward Girl motorcycle riding school is a hand made pen, ink and paper artist. This series of work was created with hand made peacock feather brushes, Conway Rags to Paper white linen paper and rhubarb dye with gem and flower essences and is inspired by the incredible journeys of Arya Sale, Yeshe Tsyogal, the Oracles of the Kalachakra and the teachings of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu.  Special thanks to Jacqueline Gens and KPC. SSI and the school of Tibetan Medicine, Khaita, the town of Conway and the Dzogchen Community.

Brenda Lilly

2. Water Lily

Lino Print on handmade paper

Creating art has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember, from drawing on my bedroom walls to taking watercolor classes at my local museum when I was 8 years old. I was fortunate enough to have an encouraging mother who saw something in me at an early age. Teaching art came naturally as I wanted everyone to experience art. The magic of Origami stung me when I became an art teacher 26 years ago. Throughout the years I have integrating art and origami, creating folded art that combines beautiful papers with the right fold. The Lotus Flower was taught to me by one of my closest origami influences, Bob Stack, a Conway/New York resident. He learned it from an 8-year-old Asian girl from New York. She learned it from someone else and passed it on, which happens quite often in origami; similar to the Paper Collaborative, where everyone is welcome to come and experience the art. It is a community event. Making and teaching art will be a part of my life forever!

Madeline Liebling

3. Hold it Together : HP (handmade paper), dryer lint, plant materials, thread
4. Audio Experiment: HP, old audiotapes
5. Sky Meadow Play: HP from cotton rag and plant materials

I was born into a family of artists and have made art all my life since I could hold a crayon. I have worked in the media of photography, silkscreen and fabric design, collage, assemblage, sculpture and drawing. 

I first made paper in 1984 when I studied with Lillian Bell in Los Angeles, CA. She taught a course on Handmade Paper from Plant Materials. That was the same year I began to practice and study Tibetan Buddhism. I have made paper as much as possible since then, and primarily used my papers for collage, as well as utilizing pulp for casting to create sculptural forms. I graduated from U Mass, Amherst in 1987 with a degree in Art Education. Many of my final sculpture projects for my studio art classes incorporated cast paper.

In 1989 I graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA. with a MA degree in Clinical Art Therapy. Since then I have worked as an Art Therapist, and psychotherapist, and my own art making has taken somewhat of a back seat since. I was glad to recently find the Khandroling Papermaking Collective so I could reconnect with an old love!

From 1999-2004 I lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and was an active member of the Shambhala Buddhist Community there. While residing there, I taught several  papermaking classes at the Nova Scotia Center for Craft and Design, from 2001-2003. I have also taught photography, silkscreen, and Art Therapy techniques.

I currently live in Shelburne Falls, MA, and work at a community mental health agency in Greenfield, MA. 

Kichung Lizzee

6. Four Elements and Lotus Mantra

Ink wash on silk

In the mid 60's to study art I came to America for my college education from Korea. Among the many forms of Western art that I was introduced to, Abstract Expressionism interested me most. Currently I am in the process of synthesizing Eastern and Western approaches to art, to close the gap between East and West and to reach for universal creativity. As an artist I rely heavily on creative intuition.  Moving with changes in the stream of consciousness, my creative intuition somehow brings out the subconscious and super conscious through artistic expression. Art to me is an expression of an inner world and inner energies in the giving of SELF. It is the recreation of the world.  It brings invisible and inexpressible dimensions to the surface using elements of design.
In order to accomplish these purposes I find the brushes and papers of Eastern calligraphy most effective. The brushes and papers are unforgiving, challenging me to flow with the creative impulse and thereby convey the immediacy, spontaneity and close proximity of an intimate connection with NATURE.

Sheryl Jaffe

[60% of sales goes to Khandroling Paper Cooperative)

7.  The Frog Pond
Kozo, linen, iris, cotton and blue jean pulp and iris leaf with ink and wax

9.   Moonrise, sunset
      Monotype woodcut with stencils on kozo and linen paper

10. Listing in the Harbor
      Monotype woodcut on kozo and linen paper

11. Together
      Monotype woodcut with stencils on Kozo and horse radish paper  
12. Offering
     Monotype on linen and kozo paper

13. Breath
      Collagraph monotype on kozo, linen and iris paper

From harvesting plants to inking up the wood there is a continuous response, a call and response sort of dance. The thready fibers clinging together, the breezes in the trees, the memories of the waves. Attempting to become a unified whole. I try to incorporate the joy of papermaking, spontaneous sloshing around in the vat of water with the sobering permanence of ink and hand. Thank you for looking.

Ingmar  Pema Dechen

8. Visionary Works

These watercolor and ink pieces are mounted on gesso board and sealed with archival uv protection varnish.

For sale: $50 with 100% going to Khandroling Paper Cooperative

Painting whimsical visions, energy blessings and cartoons of dreams is my passion.  I paint them as invitations for viewers to use them as doorways into their own innermost nature.

Jacqueline Gens  

14. O Floating World/Here Now/Gone Tomorrow

For sale by Donation with 100% going to the Dzogchen Community

Original poem calligraphy on torn handmade papers with flower inclusions mounted on board. My inspiration as a poet and artist comes from three decades of Buddhist training and the notion of “First Thought, Best Thought coined by late Chogyam Trungpa and Allen Ginsberg as a sacred exploration in pure perception with trust in the process to carry us into luminous details of awakened mind/heart

Naomi Zeitz

15. Mandala

Encaustic collage with KPC paper mounted on board.

Naomi Zeitz studied art at RIT and received a BA in studio art from the College of St Rose in Albany NY where she focused on printmaking. In the last many years she has not been making much artwork but became re inspired by paper making through the Khandroling Paper Cooperative. 


Now in its 5th year, Khandroling Paper Cooperative offers a variety of workshops and open studios year-round in handmade paper and associated paper arts. As a community service, all our events are by donation.  For the latest news and events, please visit our blog:  For further information, contact Jacqueline at or 413-522-1125.