Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Tour Through Tibet's Writing Arts

[photo of Tibetan calligrapher and artist Phuntsok Tsering from Trace Foundation website]

Recently, the Trace Foundation hosted an all day workshop on Tibetan calligraphy, sand painting , and handmade papermaking. Here is an article reviewing the day, which unfortunately I was not able to attend.
He smiles as he unfurls his work: huge white banners (two and a half feet across and nearly five feet in length); gorgeous collages layered with German newspaper clippings and Tibetan calligraphy; and a small red-white-and-gray triptych that reads “past, present, future” in Tibetan.
“That one means ‘lungta’ (རླུང་རྟ་),” he says, pointing to one of his banners. “Literally it means ‘wind horse’ and is a type of Tibetan prayer flag. When the flag waves in the wind, the horse rides out, spreading good luck.”
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