Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Some Examples of Encaustic Paintings Made from Khandroling Papers

This past weekend I attended an Encaustic Painting workshop by Julia Jensen at the River Gallery School in Brattelboro, Vermont. I was hoping to explore this medium as a means to use with our decorative Khandroling papers. I wasn't disappointed.

The piece below was a simple thin piece of Kozo paper with an experiment of using sea weed stenciling. The letters failed to emerge but I liked the dots. I then added India ink with a small calligraphy brush. I love to add gold leaf for richness--a bit of an affectation. Sorry for the poor photo
quality from my IPad but the Kozo was simply mounted on board with pva glue. Every fiber can be seen. I was astonished at the strength of the paper to hold the india ink and the ability of the layered wax to convey the actual brush strokes with great clarity. I can't wait to experiment further.

Here is another sample of unadorned paper simply mounted on board with two layers of wax applied with buffing by hand in between. The paper already had a somewhat figurative look to it with a combination of inlaid semi beaten fibers and pulp painting with seaweed.

I can't wait to show everyone some of these methods at our open studios on either Tuesday or Saturdays!

Jacqueline Gens

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