Thursday, October 25, 2012

November 18, 2012 Workshop Origami and Simple Gifts with Sheryl Jaffe and Brenda Lilly


Origami and Simple Gifts with Sheryl Jaffe and Brenda Lilly 

Join us for a fun day making holiday gifts with paper

WHEN: Sunday, November 18 2012*
10:00 AM-5:00 PM

* If you would like to make your own paper prior to the workshop, contact Jacqueline for open studio times. 

Shang Shung Library
Khandroling Paper Cooperative
18 Schoolhouse Road
Conway, MA 01341

COST: $75/$50** includes all materials
**Low income option

TO REGISTER: Contact Jacqueline Gens or 413-522-1125
LIMITED to 12 participants

Origmai: My name is Brenda Lilly, a resident of Conway for 18 years, and an origami artist for over 22 years. Throughout my artistic ventures I have combined handmade papers into my art, either by folding the papers or using them as a backdrop for my pieces. This workshop will focus on boxes, and simple birds, and or fish. One box in particular is the Brochure Box, yes it uses brochures from museums or events. The more colorful they are with less words the better. If you do come across some collect 8 of them for one box. I will be bringing some along too. I can also accommodate special interests if people want to learn something specific fold, such as the popular peace crane. E-mail request at least a few days ahead of time to:

Simple Gifts:  Handmade paper wallets, star books and simple books/cards.  Fold, print and stamp colors and messages into paper.  Personal items you'll want to keep close for years to come, bring joy to yourself and others, holiday ideas become beautiful sturdy paper items that feel like leather. Join us for a day of fun with fiber. Sheryl Jaffe

Sheryl (left) and Brenda at the October Harvest Weekend.

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