Sunday, February 28, 2016

Recap of our February 27, 2016 Workshop with Sheryl Jaffe

On Saturday we had a great workshop making paper with old friends Woody and Barbara Paparazzo who stopped by for a few hours. They made some beautiful paper
from kozo, cotton and iris pulp we had on hand. Tomorrow,  I plan on beating flax in the critter after soaking it overnight and prepare another batch of pulp for our sacred papers we are still experimenting with. 

[Our friend the Critter]

[Sheryl explaining the meaning of 'couching' from the French 
and the multicultural origins of papermaking in Europe]

Following our papermaking session we made our first prints on the Kelton Etching press. OUR NEXT OPEN STUDIO will be Saturday, March 12 devoted to printing our first Lotus card edition and further origami experiments with Brenda Lilly. 

[Our first woodblocks --a lotus and an AH]

[Testing Akura non-toxic inks]

[Madeline's first mono-print DRUK (Tibetan for Dragon]

[Goofy  and  Happy with ourselves
KPC Members Tatiana, Madeline, Brenda, and Sheryl]]

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