Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Paper Gallery: Paul Lewis

The image with string and paper was done by pressing pulp onto it in the deep deckle box. It is not attached to the knot-weed under it.  It is thick and I will probably display it with an easel back or some kind of holder at the bottom.  The other image that I modified is with the embedded day lily and rose petals.  I used water color pencils and a bronze pencil to embellish the bleed and embedded  images.  I view it rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise.  The other two images are pretty straight forward for what they are.    Also, included here is piece with  embedded cigar shards and pencil fragments, mounted to a cotton/linen sheet.  Learned something here, so all the best to you and look forward to the  chance to make paper with  your group in the future.   --  Paul Lewis

Paul Lewis is a Holyoke printmaker who attended our August 2014 Khandroling Fiber to Fiber workshop

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