Saturday, July 5, 2014

Brenda Lilly Reporting from the 2014 Origami Conference

Brenda Lilly, a founding member of the cooperative,  is one of our main instructors in papermaking and paper arts, especially Origami. She recently returned from the 2014 Origami Conference in NYC.

[Brenda Lilly in front of one of her pieces at our Khandroling show at Ursa Major Gallery in Shelburne Falls, MA last year]

She writes: "Origami has been a personal passion of mine for over 24 years. As an art educator I began learning folds that I could teach to my students. Over time and through influences from other artists I now fold with hand made papers, a variety of simple to complex designs, and incorporate the models into a work of art. The idea of sharing my accumulated knowledge inspires me to infect other people with the magic of creating something 3-dimensional with a flat piece of paper.

The Origami Convention in New York City through the Origami USA organization was well attended with over 500 origami enthusiasts. I participated in their exhibition with four new pieces, taught a class of 25 how to fold the Spinner Top, participated in a group in the Oversized Folding Contest, and engaged in many classes to create new models. Check out their website for further inspiration:"

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