Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Making Pulp

All week I’ve been making pulp initially to use in our open demo at the Amherst Sustainability Festival on the Amherst Common Saturday on April 26, which was cancelled due to rain.  

The local Salvation Army here in Turners Falls has kept us stocked with a steady supply of linen table cloths and cotton sheets to make pulp in the critter.  Below some blue sateen 100% cotton sheets and a gorgeous red linen table cloth in perfect condition.

The blue sheets was rinsed and washed ready to cut into postage stamp size pieces for our  Hollendar beater, the Critter.

Here i've cut pieces from an excellent white linen table cloth that I will make pulp from. 

I also have on hand for the festval cooked Kozo in need of a 20 minute hand beating with the wooden dowels I got from a tag sale. 

STAY TUNED FOR MORE coming soon..........

Last Sunday we finally got around to making paper outdoors as the weather was warm enough. This Spring was “cruel” in its chill.  That’s Madeline Leibling on the left and Andrea Nasca on the right filling one of the three vats.

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