Sunday, August 25, 2013

Example of a Terma (Treasure) written by Yeshe Tsogyal

The photo of a Terma (Treasure) fragment on paper above is a part of an Exhibition on Buddhist Relics in Denver, CO 


Yeshe Tsogyal (757–817), was the consort of the great Indian tantricteacher Padmasambhava, the founder-figure of the Nyingma tradition ofTibetan BuddhismNyingma tradition considers her equal in realization to Padmasambhava himself. The meditational practices related to her, stress her enlightened aspect, and are similar in form to tantric deity practices in general. She is variously equated with VajravārāhīTārā or Sarasvatī.
Both the Nyingma and Karma Kagyu schools of Tibetan Buddhismrecognize Yeshe Tsogyal as a female Buddha. The translators of Lady of the Lotus-Born, the namthar or spiritual biography that Yeshe Tsogyal left as a terma observe:
To read more visit the Rigpa Wikipedia site. 

For some time, I have been fascinated by the ancient origins of the paper on which these Terma are written--often described as a yellow scroll with dakini script. See the interesting website on Dakini Scripts prepared by Georg Fischer.

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