Thursday, June 13, 2013

Current Products, Summer 2013

At the June retreat with Chogyal Namkhai Norbu,  Khandroling Paper Cooperative had a table where, thanks to KPC member, Margherita, we sold many of her handmade books and crystal wands packaged in handmade paper boxes.

Each handmade book is unique with a cover made from our own KPC stock. The book block itself is made from recycled paper.

These three books are a fine example and are available in either standard or landscape formats
The papers were made with Kozo (light background) which we hand beat and Iris (dark fiber) which we cooked, then beat. The Tibetan writing was made with seaweed that was liquified in the blender. The rich purple color is a hallmark of the sea weed "ink" we use for calligraphy and pulp painting. The book pictured in the middle uses horsetail found at Khandroling. 

[all photos by Kathryn O'Connor, 2013]

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