Coptic Binding Journals
Made to order with original papers mounted on board then fused with encaustic medium. A gorgeous handmade journal unike anything you've ever seen. The encaustic medium highlights every fiber. The coptic journal is noted for lying flat and is good for writing or drawing. 100 pages. The inside signatures are made with fine artists papers.  $50 each. (will find a better image)

Crystals delivered in a handmade box made with luminescent papers infused with sacred substances and gold leaf or pulp painting of seed syllables. Each one is unique.

Artist & Chapbook Books--forthcoming in 2113. Several artists with the specialized skills to design and make books are exploring this service.

Traveling Shrine
Recycled Apple Product boxes made into traveling shrines or sacred installations using recycled dharma texts and photos.  Apple products, as most people notice, are delivered in superb packaging. This is a pilot project to explore using these for other purposes. Priced individually.

Practice Folders
Folders for our community practice  texts and single practice sheets. Designed by Margarita these are destined to be a mainstay of storing, preserving and carrying our many practice texts. In development now.

[Practice folder in the upper right, collaged picture frame lower right, collaged handmade box lower left, handmade book with KPC paper covered boards upper left]

Sacred Uses
Specialized papers for protective  mantras,  edible mantras,  calligraphy and other sacred uses. In development

Calligraphy paper we made for Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche

COLLAGES by Kathryn O'Connor